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MeKiwi Oy


Not just another ordinary software company!

MeKiwi is a full-stack digital office that focuses on tailor-made applications for B2B clients and MeKiwi´s game studio VRKiwi develops world famous VR games for consumers. B2B services include design and development of immersive extended reality (AR/VR/MR) applications, web and mobile applications, gamification, educational solutions, and software development.

There is a diverse and agile team of experts behind MeKiwi, with a mission to create digital solutions beyond expectations.

MeKiwi started its operations by offering a variety of digital services, including mobile apps. The offering has expanded and refined in terms of digital services to web and mobile applications, websites and their integrations, graphic works, and XR solutions. MeKiwi’s game studio VRKiwi is Finland’s largest VR game publisher. Kiwis remain agile by constantly monitoring industry developments, carefully internalising customer feedback, and maintaining the ability to respond to changes quickly.


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    MeKiwi Oy
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    Jonna Ranta
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