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Near Real

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Near Real is a Finnish health tech company with a mission to help health care professionals to treat their patients remotely.

Near Real solutions enable secure and high-quality patient care through excellent real-time video and audio streams and with comprehensive telehealth device selection. Near Real's solutions are widely in use in the health care sector in Finland.

Near Real offers Video Appointment and holistic Remote Health Care Portal software as a service for its customers. Near Real also offers telehealth devices such as digital stethoscopes, otoscopes and general examination cameras for comprehensive video appointments.

Near Real Video Appointment solution is an easy-to-use tool for health care professionals, which enables secure and top-quality video appointments with patients remotely. The Video Appointment solution works in a browser and does not require any software installations. The solution’s video and audio streams are top-quality. Chat, screen sharing, file sharing and telehealth devices enrich the experience of a remote video appointment. The users can join the video appointment on a computer or also on Android- and iOs-devices.

Near Real Remote Health Care Portal brings customer's video appointment, appointment booking, chat, electric identification and payment functions under one solution that is easily accessible with multiple devices. The end users can conveniently handle all their matters remotely and safely in the Remote Health Care Portal.


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