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Nome Oy

We know it before it happens

Nome Oy is a Finnish industrial technology company. Originally specializing in machinery vibration measurements and analysis for industrial maintenance. We are now also a unique partner in industrial software and product development. We have developed software, as well as built measuring devices for the needs of different industries.

- Production Facilities
- Power Distribution
- Water Distribution
- Heat Distribution
- Food industry
- Paper Product Production

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in vibration measurements. With this experience we can ensure that our customers' equipment works without any unexpected interference. Our expertise also ensures that we can complete any project, no matter the scale.

Our goal is to improve our customers efficiency and reliability. We firmly believe that the best result is achieved when the customer, designer and programmers work in synchronous unity.

Nome Oy products and services

1. Machinery vibration measurements and analysis for industrial maintenance, that entails:

- Vibration measurement
Vibration measurements make a vital contribution to predictive maintenance and continuity

- Balancing
Nome provides the efficient field balancing service to help fix problems and to improve the performance of existing equipment

- Remote monitoring
Cost effective monitoring the performance & condition of your critical and non critical rotating machinery

- Visual inspections
Visual inspections by the professionals of their field

- Training
On-site training programs provided by our technicians.

- Expert Services
We have some of the best experts in the industry to offer many other services that help meet all of your Preventative & Predictive Maintenance needs that support your success.

- Laser shaft alignment
With our alignment service, you ensure the right alignment and significantly extend the life of your devices

2. Industrial software and product development, that entails:

- Measuring instruments for industry
Design, programming, and production of various measuring instruments. We design and manufacture measuring devices from circuit boards to a final product.

- Industrial IoT solutions
Extensive expertise in the design and implementation of IoT-based measurement devices and data integrations. We also manage the storage and transfer of data between different systems.

- Embedded systems
Devices can easily be designed to do one specific thing. The real challenge is to understand the operating environment and users for which the device is designed. Many can make devices, but does the manufacturer understand where, how and by whom it is used?

- Databases
A well-implemented database enables efficient data management. For example, the SQL language is the most common of these and allows data to be retrieved and added to virtually any relational database.

- Data transfer and interfaces
Because devices and hardware in the industry lack one unified language and way of communicating, different communication technologies are needed. The different operating environments of production plants and their obstacles also pose challenges for wireless data transmission. Interfaces (e.g. OPC-UA, Modbus and WebSocket) are used to securely transmit information to other systems.

- Cloud services
Building or maintaining infrastructure for data storage is often a wasted resource. Custom cloud services reduce costs based on maintenance, monitoring, and licensing. Server solutions for both public and closed networks.

- Edge calculation and IoT data processing
With the help of edge computing, data can be processed close to the collection point. For example, data generated by a wireless sensor can already be processed in a router. This takes less time to process, reduces the data load on the network, and retains only the most critical data in the cloud.

- Mechanical design
Mechanical design is always needed when designing equipment. Thanks to a well-implemented mechanical design, the life cycle of the products is long and the production costs as efficient as possible. We design products for various manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing and machining. Our goal is to improve our customers production by making it more efficient and reliable.

Our short-term goal is to prevent equipment breakdowns and improve production reliability for the customer. Well-managed preventive maintenance also brings safety to workers and the environment. In addition to services and product sales, we also do product design and software development to ensure that customer always gets the best possible solution for their needs.


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