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Noptel Oy

Design and Manufacture of Innovative Optoelectronic Products

Founded in 1982, Noptel specializes in design and manufacture of optoelectronic products for distance measurement. Since 2011 Noptel Oy has been a subsidiary of FN Herstal.

Brand new LineLidar sensors apply SPAD technology for versatile profiling applications. Typical applications comprise Open Road Tolling and Weigh-in-Motion in traffic management as well as safe landing of UAV / Drone and profiling of moving objects.

Noptel long range laser rangefinder modules apply ToF technology and cumulative signal processing allowing distance measurement from several kilometres beyond 30 km. These robust, small size and eye safe rangefinder modules are applied as OEM parts by system integrators in military and civilian systems and devices. Typical applications for these modules are systems and handheld devices dedicated to thermal imaging, observation, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as weapon sights and gimbals dedicated to drones and UAVs.


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    Noptel Oy
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    Tuomo Karjalainen
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