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Our Vision

We generate leads using our own education-oriented online brands that disrupt the market we choose to enter by generating higher quality leads than incumbents at a lower cost per lead.

This depends on being highly intentional about the markets we enter. Our secret sauce is in our unique application of technology, AI, online advertising savvy (we operate across all digital advertising platforms), creativity and data science.

Our operations are managed by a tight global team of specialists each working to their chosen schedule. We scale profitably through automation not by having a big team and our competitive advantage is speed of testing and execution.

We have developed our own in-house methodologies and software/automation tools.

Most of the markets we operate in are high ticket 'blue ocean' markets to allow us to be selective about our clients and partners.

We are cashflow positive and do not seek external funding.

Our goal is to 10x our revenue and profit in the next 3 years and we are looking for smart advisors rather than funding to help us along this path. We're also happy to contribute our digital lead generation, data science and online advertising expertise to start-ups, worthwhile causes and non-profits in Oulu and Finland, as well as to promote entrepreneurship in Finland and beyond.