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Specialist in robotics

We’re a group of experts in robotics and automation, who aim to be pioneers in robotics in Finland. At Probot, real robotics and automation enthusiasts get to focus on their passion. Our team has extensive competence and strong experience from various fields of industry. We utilise the latest cutting-edge robotics solutions to support automation. We are OMRON Certified Partner, KUKA System Partner, and Unitree robot dog retailer in Europe.

At Probot, we strongly believe that there is work for humans and work for robots. Companies make full use of their resources when robots operate as tools alongside people. This gives people the freedom to focus on work that requires creativity and humanity. Robots improve productivity and lead to better occupational safety and well-being.

We believe that technology can be used for almost any task. It can solve working-life challenges in many fields. Regarding robotics, we’re an expert partner whose handshake you can trust.


Our team has extensive competence and strong experience from various fields of industry. Thanks to our curiosity and bravery, we’ve been able to participate in challenging EU projects, get involved in a Europe-wide network and work together with the tops of our industry. Our customer projects enable us to make further use of these skills, and our team gets to further develop their competence.

We provide custom project design and implementation for various platforms in robotics and automation.

Our team is skilled and experienced in:
- Design and implementation of robotics and automation systems
- Integration of mobile robots into factory logistics
- Modernisation of production devices and factory automation
- Machine vision applications
- Manufacturing and integration of customised production, packaging and measuring devices
- Integrations of collaborative robots
- Logic and robot programming

Although we’ve pretty much lost our hearts to robotics and automation, mobile robotics is our number one passion!


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