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Actionable 360° view into product quality

Profilence is the pioneer in verifying and optimizing stability, performance and energy consumption of Android based devices and applications. Therefore we are perfect partners for Smart device manufacturers; for medical device manufacturers; and for Automotive OEM’s and Tier suppliers who choose Android Automotive as their HMI OS.

Full scale platform for enabling automation for regression testing, stability analysis, performance analysis, energy consumption analysis, call-audio verification, language testing - with a single test asset. The platform provides continuous visibility for project management into the overall SW quality in their SW product programs; efficient tooling for developers to collaborate and debug and fix the issues found.

Telemetry diagnostics solutions for boosting the usefulness of pilot testing and test fleets, and to even gain visibility into issues the actual end users encounter.

Profilence provides technology directly to customers and partners, but also provides the analysis for the clients as a service - whether the client is OEM, ODM/Tier, or a brand licensor, Profilence provides a combination of of technology and services that fits perfectly with client’s needs


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    Sami Utriainen
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