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ProWellness Health Solutions

Smart Chronic Care

ProWellness offers innovative health ICT systems for the prevention and care of long-term conditions including, e.g, diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, COPD and chronic respiratory diseases.

Our smart digitalized data-driven systems give a holistic view of patients, enable early interventions, and improve the efficiency and the quality of care. The outcomes are reduced morbidity and hospitalisation which results in lower healthcare costs and better patient productivity in life.

Balansio ( is a smart, mobile centric, digitalized self-care system used by individuals with chronic conditions. Balansio transforms chronic care from clinic-based solutions to a next generation, digitalised and 24/7 automated remote care solution.

ProWellness CDMS is a clinical specialist system used by healthcare professionals in day-to-day patient care that has modules for, e.g., diabetes, COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and heart diseases.


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    ProWellness Health Solutions
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    Mika Sipilä
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