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Quality brings peace of mind.

Q-Factory is Finland’s biggest independent software testing and quality assurance company.

Software Testing

Software testing is an integral part of modern quality assurance, and it helps creating a service or product that suits your clients the best.With our professionals we can efficiently identify your testing needs to always come up with the best testing strategy.

Quality Assurance

At it’s finest, Quality Assurance prevents faults in your service. Assure your softwares quality with our Quality Assurance specialists.

Test Automation

With Test Automation you can automatize repetitive tasks such as regression tests. With Test Automation you can maximize your beneficial working hours.


RPA solutions for repetitive tasks and automations are one of our specialities.

We are hiring

What is your area of ​​strength?

With diverse projects and new customers, each of our employees are developing in terms of expertise, technologies and system solutions.

Are you interested in a job among testing and quality assurance professionals?

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