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Rajobit Oy

Go on, be human.

Rajobit’s mission is to automate all routine work. Our passion is to give the robot work to the robot. This frees up human time for interaction, brainstorming and developing new things - genuinely meaningful human work.

We offer software robotics as a service without complicated technology choices and heavy licensing investments. We make a robot that fits the needs of our customers and offer it for a monthly fee.

With our service, companies improve their competitiveness and productivity. But first and foremost, we want to help people to be the best versions of themselves.

A software robot is a software that copies what a human does on a computer. If you can devise instructions based on which someone can perform a task, we can program a robot – a flawlessly performing digital colleague - for the task. Using robots does not require changes to existing software systems.

You don’t need to know anything about software robotics. We spar with our clients helping them identify the areas in their business that could be made more efficient. We speak human, not technical jargon. Every one of us is easy to contact and approach. We also take care of the robot maintenance for you.

Our initial investment is not expensive (starting at € 2,000), after which you only pay for what you use the robot. Check the prices

The purchase and use of a software robot is easy and affordable, and the robot is suitable for almost what any industry. Just tell us your work challenges in the quick meeting. After the agreement, we will develop a software robot that you can get in 1-4 weeks turnkey principle.

We have implemented more than 250 different software robots for more than 30 industries. We regularly monitor customer satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score. The needs of current customers are taken care of in maintenance meetings and through continuous services.


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    Rajobit Oy
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    Samuli Halinen
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