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Remod Oy

Impossible is only a state of mind

We offer IT management, information security services and consulting that are always tailored to your needs.

Whether you have a challenging research and development project, a technical problem or require a comprehensive IT partner, Remod is at your service!

IT Management

- Holistic IT Surveys:
Our Holistic IT surveys map out the current status of your IT management and tell you how to get everything under control.

- IT Partner­ship:
With IT Partnership, Remod helps you secure your business around the annual clock, including IT management and information security services, training and support.

- Backup services:
Sometimes you only need a backup solution. Remod's backup services give you a reliable backup and restore solution.

Information Security

- Information Security Inspection:
Information Security Inspection sheds light on the current status of your information security and outlines the critical improvements.

- Cyber Control Room:
Cyber Control Room provides information security as a service. With active surveillance and constant training, it detects and fixes vulnerabilities, breaches and leaks.

- O365 Safe:
Developed in collaboration with Remod and Badrap, O365 Safe ensures data security in your Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.


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    Remod Oy
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