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Rugged Tooling

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Weapons for controlled high-volume cyberattacks

Rugged Tooling has sold its heavy-duty IP load/attack generators, traffic spoofers and monitors to 12 countries, most recent customers being NATO, Sandvik, Ericsson and Nokia.

Products can be used for
1. military purposes,
2. self-protection testing, and
3. as part of standard RD test automation to ensure the functionality and quality of IP network products and services.

- Rude is a man in the middle (MITM) device. It simulates live network conditions by deviating the IP data passing through it. As an example, customers use it for delaying and corrupting Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which is a protocol used to synchronize clocks throughout a computer network, along with deviating other control and user data.

- Ruge is an IP load generator. It acts as a traffic source to provide heavy traffic loads, emulated cyber attacks, and malicious traffic for negative testing. As an example, customers use it for load testing and bombarding systems with DDoS attacks.

- PreScope® is a cyber security sensor. It monitors and time-stamps high-speed, high-volume internet traffic, and captures any desired data for further analyses. As an example, customers use it in high-volume networks for collecting metadata from selected IP addresses for further correlation analysis.

Our top-class software runs directly on network processors (NPU), without potentially vulnerable operating systems or open-source components. We have developed and know each and every line of code in our tools.