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Cyber Capability Fabric – Easy to scale, simple to deploy

We make it easy to deploy cyber security across IT, OT and cloud environments. Comprehensive visibility not only helps you to improve your security, but also gives you a great opportunity to prepare for and respond to cyber security incidents.

SensorFleet solution is a lightweight and distributed cyber capability fabric that consists of Fleet Management, Sensor Platform and Instruments.

Instruments are components dedicated for specific cybersecurity monitoring tasks, such as exposure monitoring, attack detection, and forensic data collection.

Sensor Platform provides a secure execution environment for the Instruments. It runs on common virtualization platforms, hardware, and cloud. With the modular Instruments, you can equip Sensors with just the right set of capabilities.

Fleet Management controls a fleet of Sensors and provides one-click deployment of the Instruments. With Fleet Management, you can see your security coverage at a glance and forward any alerts to SIEM of your choice.