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Silverblip Ltd

SilverBlip is a sensor and measuring technology and IP consulting company. We have excellent technical and commercial knowhow and over 35 years experience in sensing technologies, products, and companies.
We have made many projects and co-operation with most global top-10 sensor suppliers and many leading mobile device manufacturers in the area of smart phones, wearables, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles.
On top of that, we have delivered numerous analysis and reports about sensor technologies, applications, markets, providers. The reports and reviews are also used by marker research companies, law and IP companies, and many finance and investing houses.

SilverBlip provides knowledge and experience as well, in patenting and different IP cases. We have a flexible but effective patent-engineer service available, which is a combination of technical knowledge, large IP skills, and commercial and business view and experience to lead to excellent content, scheduling, budgeting and future visions.
SilverBlip has prepared and prepares high quality patent analyses, freedom-to-operate studied, competitor analysis, patent landscape analysis. Technical skills combined with IP- and business knowledge and experience will made the reports and analyses to be accurate, reliable and meaningful for any decision making and further actions.
We have a customer-based approach and drive. This means that the actions are planned and executed according to the resources, activities, and schedules of the customer; making cost-effective actions, enabling high potentiality and minimizing risks.

Sensor Technology:
- sensor and measuring technology analysis
- application analysis combined with the suitable technologies
- sensor market analysis
- competitor analysis
- strategy creation and execution planning

IP area:
- external patent engineer services
- invention analysis, novelty and inventive step analysis
- patent drafting and potentiality analysis
- patent landscape analysis, trends and actions summary
- freedom-to-operate analysis, risk analysis, potentiality analysis
- patent case analysis, litigation analysis
- expert opinions ( for litigation or due-diligence analysis)


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