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Smilee Chat Solutions - Making Customers Succeed Online

More sales and superior customer experience with Smilee Chat Solutions - Chat, Video chat, Chatbots and Expert Level Resourcing.

We know how to turn website visits to leads and even directly to sales – and how to improve the customer experience in the remote transactions to a record. Design your chat channel with our experts – and reach your goals in remote sales and digital customer service.

Smilee offers a wide range of solutions from Chat software to the latest Chatbot solutions and technologies. We offer a professional Online Expert team that takes care of your digital sales and lead generation in chat, or acts as first level experts in your business. We invest in the best industry expertise and customer satisfaction. Whatever the chat solution is, we will be your partner in building a smooth web customer experience. We guarantee you reach your chat goals.

A complete chat solution from one vendor - to improve your online conversion.

A well-functioning chat solution consists of several building blocks. It is a combination of functional chatbots, live-chat, online service- and sales expertise, extended serving hours, and even the details of the implementation, effective CTA:s, bot architecture, etc.

We can provide you with all this! Smilee Chatbot and Inpage Bot collect leads, contact requests and other straightforward service requests 24/7. The content bots, embedded directly on key pages improve conversion.

Smilee Live-Chat Application suits for both large and small customer service and sales teams. Our Mobile App enables your salespeople and customer service representatives to slip the chat tool into their pockets. The video chat option provides one or two directional video connections on the fly – plus the option for screen sharing.

In addition, you can hire Smilee Online Expert Team to take care of the chat. The team can also fill in the peak times or extend your service hours beyond the regular office hours.

The leads, connection requests and tickets can be collected to Smilee Hub. Smilee Hub provides pipeline tools for request handling – and it is integrated into CRM or ticket systems.


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