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Sysart Oy

We help our customers to build future’s digital success stories

Whether you have a new idea or wish to develop an existing system, we translate your ideas into concrete roadmaps that make it easy to put the solutions into practice. We believe in transparency, and you as the client decide in which areas you want to move forward and on what schedule. Our teams are flexible to your needs. No supplier trap – you’re always free to change if you want.

We are a self-managed organization, and for our clients this means that decisions are made wherever there is the best know-how. No intermediaries – you are in direct contact with our creators, who have the authority to make quick decisions.

Software Development

Versatile software development and project management using lean, agile and scrum methods. Coding expertise for developing new innovative digital services and modernizing existing systems. You can also outsource some of your online service and mobile development activities to our experts.


Clarification of software design decisions. Definition of features, roles, functions and compatibilities, as well as interfaces. Risk management and evaluation of solution alternatives taking into consideration also development and maintenance issues. Design of the most appropriate, functional, cost-effective, reliable and secure solutions.


Development of different software interfaces to ensure compatibility and smooth data transfers taking into consideration business objectives, uses of the service and further development.


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    Sysart Oy
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    Ari Pikkarainen
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