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TactoTek® transforms the way Smart Surfaces are designed, manufactured and experienced by removing the boundaries between technology and human experience. TactoTek develops and licences injection molded smart structure technologies that enable brands to create sustainable, differentiated and compelling user experiences.

TactoTek is the leading provider of Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE®) solutions that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded smart surfaces.

Leading IMSE use cases include human-machine interfaces (HMI), connectivity and electronic styling features for Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Controls, Smart Home, and other markets.

IMSE technology is a greener solution: it uses 50-70% less plastics and generates up to 60% less greenhouse gas equivalents than conventional electronic equivalents. Additive manufacturing processes lead to reduced assembly and 80% fewer manufacturing tools. Production of IMSE parts lead to leaner logistics through a reduction in materials and fewer manufacturing locations.

TactoTek develops and industrializes IMSE technology, creates mass production ready IMSE prototypes, and licenses IMSE technology for 3rd party IMSE part design and global mass production.


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    TactoTek Oy
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    Juha Sepponen
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    +358 40 751 4297
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