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Triuvare Oy

IT just works

Triuvare is an ICT firm with over 50 customer-focused specialists.We provide the right, carefree IT solutions that prevent problems and streamline the operations of your organization so you can focus on business

Our offices are located in Oulu, Tampere, Vantaa, Espoo and Vaasa. We have satisfied clients all over Finland, from self-employed people to organisations with hundreds of employees.

Triuvare was founded by brothers Toni and Timi Rantanen in 2005. The primary shareholders of the company are Toni, Timi and Pikespo Invest Oy Ltd. Shares are also held by the members of the board and the shareholder-employees of the company.

Our expertise includes flexible support and maintenance services, cloud services and extensive IT environment development projects.
We are independent of any system and application providers to be able to offer our clients solutions that are genuinely suitable for them.

Triuvare Huoleton™ Premium is an outsourced IT department for your organization, providing continuous locationing of development areas and problem prevention, and a single point of contact for all end-user needs.

We are a true partner and consider solutions that support business persistently and prevent problems as well as possible. By outsourcing IT to Triuvare, you have access to more expertise than would be possible through a single IT employee.


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    Triuvare Oy
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