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Valossa Labs Oy

Intelligent cognitive video analytics and automation solutions for businesses working with video

Valossa is a company specialising in video AI solutions. Founded in 2015 as an academic spin-off, Valossa has been in the frontlines developing video AI solutions for the needs of M&E and other industries. Throughout the years, Valossa has been mentioned in several AI reports notifying its pioneering role on novel video intelligence solutions.

Valossa provides software solutions to recognise and extract contextual intelligence data from video content. Valossa's solutions automate extraction of promotions and highlights from video media, analyse human emotions and sentiment in live and recorded video, identify and highlight sensitive content, provide contextual content metadata for video management and advertising use cases. Valossa also creates custom recognition solutions for video intelligence.


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    Valossa Labs Oy
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    Mika Rautiainen
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