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Vendor Junction

Global Strategy . Local Expertise

Established in 2016, Vendor Junction is a knowledge-based professional services and management firm specializing in international business development, channel sales ecosystems, and in-country business operations management for our clients in Europe & North America.

With a team of industry-specific managers, business unit teams, and alliance partners, we utilise data-driven go-to-market strategies to identify high-potential markets and define business processes that align with our client’s vision for growth. Our focus on delivering margin-based new revenue lines across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia has made us a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand in these regions.

At Vendor Junction, we pride ourselves on creating defined deliverables for every step of executing the set strategy, ensuring a unified customer experience, and maintaining a global reach with 780+ channel sales network across industry verticals in 18 countries, in-country resources, expertise, and local market knowledge.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with representative offices in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan, Vendor Junction works with start-ups, SMEs, and mid-sized companies to succeed on the international stage.

As technology becomes more prevalent across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and begins to modernise, there is a near-limitless number of opportunities for small and medium companies to take advantage of the gaps in products and services that this rapid growth creates.

For strategic and sustainable business opportunities in international markets, we believe in quickly entering global markets and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise for our clients.

Vendor Junction identifies these opportunities to expand in international markets by delivering increased revenue and diversification of profits for years to come. We implement the GEOS methodology for creating long-term value for our clients from International customers, markets, and relationships.

The GEOS service promises Commercial Excellence and Technical Expertise enabling new sustainable revenue streams and delivering growth within 6 Months for years to come.
Global Growth Ecosystem & Operations Systems™ [GEOS] 6-month deliverables include,

1. International Business Development
2. Channel Sales Partner Ecosystem
3. Structured Sales Process for New Revenue Lines
4. In-Country Operations Management (Optional)