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Verkotan Oy

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Test Right. Design Right.

We see the world through antennas by providing wireless tests solutions and services for IoT, antennas and mobile phones and base stations. Our roots are in cellular phones R&D covering all technologies from 1st generation to upcoming 6th generation. For wireless device industry, we provide Over-the-Air (OTA), Beamforming Antenna and RF Exposure (SAR) Testing or comprehensively Tailored Test Solutions.

Verkotan is a Finnish accredited wireless performance test service company operating in the communications industry. We provide test and certification services for the wireless device manufacturers and designers globally.

OTA antenna testing: 3GPP TS38.141-2 FR 1 active beamforming antenna testing and 5G NR OTA testing certification for base stations. Passive antenna pattern testing for antennas up to 3m in size and up to 53GHz.

SAR and RF Exposure Testing: Accredited Specific Absorption Rate measurements for handheld devices and base station antennas. We support you throughout the product development life cycle with our extensive technical expertise to ensure a safe and a reliable product.

Tailored Services: Custom-made test systems and measurements according to customer needs, phone RF modification solutions and tissue simulating liquids.


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