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Ajan kanssa Oulussa in Helsinki

On 2 November we brought a bit of Oulu to Helsinki, at the Ajan kanssa Oulussa event! There were many company representatives either from Oulu or interested in Oulu, and we told them all about our great city with all its possibilities and opportunities. The event was organized by BusinessOulu and hosted by Ernest Lawson and Asta Salomaa from Radio Helsinki.

The evening started with a make-your-own-taco mini-buffet, and once everyone was settled, we had the pleasure of hearing what we already knew: Oulu is an excellent city for both companies to do business and for people to live. We have many young and skilled IT people graduating each year and arriving in Oulu, and all are eager to get to work. There’s plenty of space, nature, and peace around, both on land and at the sea. For the people-lovers among us, we have many entertainment possibilities and events as well, all within easy reach. We have a wide range of facilities available: excellent networking opportunities for both you and your company, relaxation and enjoyment after work or studies, and schools for your children.

The second part of the evening was for music and networking, during which the attendees forged many useful connections. The idea of doing activities in Oulu was well-received, and hopefully, we have warmed many helsinkiläisiä to the idea of coming to our beautiful northern city.

Text by Arjane Kerkhoven

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