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Business Finland’s Italian RRF Transport Sector opportunities webinar – 10.11.2022

Road in Milan

Member companies of ICTOulu that operate in the smart and sustainable transport field are invited to take part in Business Finland’s upcoming webinar: ‘Italian RRF Opportunities in the Transport Sector’ on Thursday 10th November.

Programme for the webinar:
14:00 – Opening – Kimmo Ylisiurunen, The Finnish Sustainable Growth Programme for the Transport Sector
Italy – Finland partnership – Speaker tbc
Italian post-pandemic recovery (RRF) in the transport sector: what´s on demand and who are the buyers? – Hanna Laurén, Embassy of Finland in Rome
Transport sector system Integrators in Italy – How to partner, how the Italian market works? – Marjaana Karjalainen, Dreamex
15:15 – Webinar ends

Team Finland and ITS Finland are working together with the Finnish Sustainable Growth Programme from the Transport Sector to seek new opportunities in the Italian market.

Italy’s G7 economy is expected to grow 2.5% in 2022 and 1.2% in 2023, despite a looming recession in Europe. Italy is also one of many countries to benefit from a grant from the EU’s recovery fund (RRF). As a result, billions of euros are being invested in electrification, AI, IoT and the general Europeanisation of value chains by Italian automotive, maritime and aerospace industries.

Big cities like Milan and Turin have already used some of the funds from the EU to invest in projects to reduce traffic jams, manage logistical flows and reduce emissions considerably. A project that is working on an Intermodal hydrogen powered railway system in Piedmont is a flagship example of the ambition and scale of solutions they are seeking to invest in.

Suitable high-end vendors are being sought to help the aforementioned industries. Furthermore, strong regional mobility clusters and system-integrators are interested in partnering with Finnish companies to improve their product and service portfolio for big tenders.

Any company that is interested in breaking into this market, or would like to learn more about what opportunities are available to them, should register for this webinar. It’s free to sign up and the event will be held in English. The deadline for registrations is Tuesday 8th November.

For further details on the webinar, including how to register, please head to the Business Finland website.