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BusinessOulu Q&A – Orbis

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Q. We’re delighted to be joined by Hanna-Leena Keskitalo and Tingting Oksanen from Orbis Systems! Please introduce yourselves and explain your roles within the company.

Hi, this is Hanna-Leena Keskitalo, HR manager and Tingting Oksanen, Marketing Specialist from Orbis Systems.

Q. How would you best describe the work that Orbis Systems does and what areas it specialises in?

Orbis Systems is a global company providing complete 5G testing solutions.

With our extensive experience in volume delivery and support, we help our customers develop new products and technologies. To meet and exceed their expectations, we solve complex technological problems, deliver customised and innovative solutions to address their needs. We strive for building long-lasting relationships, being close to our customers and fostering open communication.

Orbis Systems’ cost effective and tailored solutions enable our customers to verify and optimise the performance of their products and services. Our 5G OTA chambers, RF shielded rooms and anechoic rooms are highly customizable and available over a wide range of frequencies including sub-6GHz and mmWave. They are compact and transportable, come in various sizes and feature tailor-made positioner solutions.

Q. We are coming to the end of 2022 (at time of writing) – what have been some of the highlights and key accomplishments of Orbis Systems’ year?

We managed to grow our business in Finland and in general, improved our position in R&D and production of 5G testing. We successfully found new customers in Europe, for example in Poland and Germany. New automated OTA testing solutions were released. More talents joined our R&D to strengthen our technology competence in 5G testing.   

Q. What are the plans for the company in 2023?

Continuing business growth. We expect to be even stronger in central Europe than last year. We will continue to look for new markets. New solutions will be released during this year. As we are growing, we are looking forward to more excellent talents to join our competent teams in different business units. 

Q. Can you describe what the work culture at Orbis Systems is like?

If you ask any member of team Orbis Systems, they will tell you that they love the people and team spirit we have here in our organization. We also love challenges. With such a capable team, we are confident that we can help to solve customers’ problems and make them happy. Seeing our customers smile is the best reward to our hard teamwork.

our core values at our work are:

COMMITMENT TO THE CUSTOMER We do our best to serve our customers and take full responsibility for our promises.

OPEN NESS We aim to share information openly. We express our opinions and promote constructive debate.

HONESTY We have a high level of integrity in all our actions, and we expect the same from our employees and partners.

EMPOWERMENT Everyone is included and encouraged to make decisions related to their own work.

Q. Can you explain a little bit about what you offer to Orbis Systems employees? e.g. training opportunities?

Orbis Systems is a global company with headquarter in Oulu. We have a wide range of roles such as engineers (SW, HW, ME, RF, SCM), project managers, assembler, buyers, finance and other admin employees.

As a company in this industry, we are small, but we offer a lot of flexibilities. For example, flexible working hours and hybrid work mode. We also provide career path to enable our employees develop and progress within our organization.

As an OS (Orbis Systems) employee, you can plan your career growth both horizontally and vertically. Either focus on getting a promotion, for example from Junior Engineer to Senior Engineer, or move sideways from one job to another, to gain the skills, experience and knowledge required to progress your upwards career path in the future, for example from Junior Engineer to Senior Designer in Mechanic RF. We have a lot of from local to global projects. You may start working in one site first, expand later to bigger responsibility, be in charge in more business regions. That said, you can choose to grow within the local role, or into global role.

People is the strongest assets of our company. As an employer, we care about and take responsibility of employees’ wellbeing. Meanwhile, we always try to find the best match between skills and role for each one of our employees. In a small company, roles are wider, so you can learn inside the roles at maximum range.

Most important, our work is meaningful. We aim to build better quality products so to improve people’s daily life.

Q. What kind of positions are you currently recruiting for?

We are currently recruiting:

  • Accounting Specialist
  • Senior RF Engineer
  • Senior OTA System Engineer
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Junior Technical Account Manager
  • Summer trainee (Engineering and R&D)

Q. What kind of qualities are essential to fitting into the team seamlessly?

Team OS is composed of professionals who are independent, support each other, work towards interchangeable achievements, and share common goals. To join our diverse team, we hope you are proactive, open-minded, have profound sense of humour and empathy, enjoy hardworking and know how to have fun as well. Balance of work and private life is important.

Q. What kind of projects can new employees be expected to work on once they start?

Most of our employees are working in the customer interphase. Depending on your role and experience you can get different responsibilities inside projects.