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Business Finland webinar on Türkiye automotive sector opportunities – 26.10

Road with cars

Looking for a way to break into the automotive sector? On the search for new clients to work with in overseas markets?

On the 26th October, Business Finland, in cooperation with the Istanbul-based research and consultancy company BKP Research & Consulting, will be hosting a webinar targeting opportunities for Finnish firms in the Turkish automotive industry. This will be followed by approximately five B2B meetings with clients that are based in the region for each interested Finnish organisation in the last two months of 2022.

The needs of Türkiye’s thriving automotive sector

Programme for the webinar:
09:30 Welcome and introduction – Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
09:40 Smart manufacturing business opportunities in automotive industry in Turkiye – Deniz Kabaagac, Managing Partner, BKP Research & Consulting
10:40 Q&A
10:50 Wrap up and next steps – Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
11:00 End of the webinar

Türkiye’s industrial sector is one of its leading exports based on investment, production, employment, export, and value-added. With 3.194 1st and 2nd tier companies and 1.2 million employees, Türkiye is also Europe’s 4th biggest and the world’s 14th biggest motor vehicle producer.

In a recent survey made with 108 automotive industry companies listed in the top 1,000 industrial firms of Türkiye, 74% are considering smart manufacturing investments. This readiness to implement these type of solutions is due to the sector maintaining its rapid growth and development momentum. Additionally, smart manufacturing applications are sought for the Turkish automotive sector based on the need to compete in foreign and domestic markets, with customer requests as well as a focus on the environment being cited as emerging factors.

Turkish companies, who usually favour Northwestern European firms for technological solutions, see references from the continent as very important. With lots of room for new and innovative solutions, this is where Oulu’s ICT cluster can come in.

BKP Research & Consulting will present Turkish market opportunities in the webinar, and this will be followed up by a short survey with participating businesses. It is important that the surveys are completed – based on the results, a series of virtual B2B meetings will be co-organised by BusinessOulu and BKP Research & Consulting for any firms interested. This will provide a valuable opportunity to speak directly to potential clients and stakeholders in more detail.

For further details on the webinar, including how to register, please head to the Business Finland website.