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CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is one of the biggest and buzziest tech events of the year, offering a first look at next-generation gadgets, cars, well-being solutions, entertainment, gaming, and more. It s an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and it is always held in January in Las Vegas.

ICTOulu was attending this event from two perspectives. Firstly, CES is an important arena to mirror the directions of ICT innovations and their impacts on society. From this perspective, our goal was to attend and try to learn as much as possible during those busy four days of non-stop events. Secondly, ICTOulu hosted a booth at CES focusing on new advances in the fields of well-being and new digital innovations that were presented by some of our brightest companies from Oulu, Neurosonic, QuietOn and Night Train. We want to enable the Oulu-based companies to strengthen their international exposure and hopefully increase business partnerships and collaborations, and naturally sales. CES is therefore a great opportunity for both aspects of our mission.

Now, as the event has ended, it is our pleasure to confirm that it has all been a success – literally! We’ll publish very soon a series of fresh takes from CES focusing on various areas. Stay tuned! In the meantime please wander around our site ( and enjoy the following video filmed at ARHTmedia’s demo booth. The demo is about their new solution called Holopresence which enables being anywhere and if necessary, in multiple places simultaneously as a high-quality hologram and delivering a great impact. Just imagine the use cases! This reflects the level of highlights of the time that went down in Las Vegas. We got permission to publish this one and hope it will inspire you!