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DSEI expo London – Sic Pacem para Digitalis

Greetings from the beautiful city of London, where the DSEI expo was organized at the magnificent Excel center. The article’s topic already gives a hint: it’s all about defense, security, military solutions, tactical resources, and even dual-use technology. We’re aware that “digitalis” refers to fingers or toes in Latin, but we just couldn’t resist!

The defense sector business is booming right now, and there are numerous reasons for Finns to take pride in their current presence in these markets and aspire for more. DSEI is arguably the most important gathering of high-tech military solution developers and dual-use technology innovators. While we appreciate that this field is relatively new for us, we’ve also learned that it offers significant business development opportunities for Finnish high-tech companies. We’re witnessing a wave of digital integration into gadgets, machines, and systems.

ICTOulu and BusinessOulu collaborated with other Finnish companies to set up Finland’s pavilion. It was heartening to learn that Oulu represents a substantial portion of Finland’s total offering. To start with, there’s Nokia and their mission-critical networks enabling intelligent, automated operations. To intelligently assess and act in rapidly evolving situations with efficiency and speed, the ability to exchange rich, actionable multimedia information across all theaters and forces is crucial.

Now it gets even more interesting. We were truly proud of KNL Network‘s offering and the significant effort their team put in during the 4-day long expo. Did you know that the KNL team has developed their CNHF Manpack to serve various use cases, all while being simple, secure, and reliable to operate? The CNHF Manpack radio is a portable and mobile version of the CNHF rack-mountable radio, utilizing the revolutionary, cognitive, adaptive CNHF waveform to provide superior performance and ease of use. We also had the pleasure of hosting Conlog, which provides unique solutions tailored for demanding military conditions. With extensive experience in austere environments, Conlog develops flexible and modular systems to meet even the toughest and most complex requirements. Naturally, there’s also Bittium, specializing in military radio and communication solutions, offering advanced products and systems for wireless and wireline Tactical Communications. These state-of-the-art, field-proven solutions revolutionize connectivity across the battlefield.

We were also delighted to meet the Noptel team at Finland’s pavilion. Noptel specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative optoelectronic products, leveraging their technological know-how in distance and position measurement. Their solutions cover cumulative distance measurement based on laser pulse travel time (long-range measurements), fast distance measurement based on laser pulse travel time (near field dynamic applications), and position and motion measurement (light beam position detection). The latest development is in lidar-based solutions, very intriguing stuff. And that’s not all from companies with ties to Oulu. For instance, we met the EXFO team and more. However, we were especially pleased to see other Finns shining, such as Insta‘s new Steel Eagle-referred battle drone, which was a true eye-catcher.

Here at ICTOulu, we’re diligently working to introduce our outstanding high-tech and deep-tech companies to integrators and investors in this sector. There are numerous opportunities at present, and in many cases, a dual-usage approach is a very convenient path forward. If you’re interested, just give us a call, and let’s discuss further!

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ICTOulu Team

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