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Embedded World notes 1 – Oulu-based actors attending Embedded World 

BusinessOulu and its ICT sector subconcept ICTOulu is dedicated to supporting local key ICT companies. As part of this mission, ICTOulu attended and exhibited at the Embedded World conference and expo in Nuremberg, Germany in March 2023. Embedded World is one of the most influential summits in the field of embedded systems, known for bringing together developers rather than salespersons. 

As a testament to the quality of the local companies and products, ICTOulu proudly showcased their representatives and products at their shared booth during the summit. The services and products developed by these companies are world-class and representative of the expertise and innovation found in the Oulu region. 

In this article you will find short, embedded videos taken from our booth. Although the videos captured during the summit may not be of the highest quality, they provide a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere and noises found within the exhibition halls. In the coming days, we will be publishing a two more articles highlighting our notifications, experiences and insights from the summit. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting event! 


Visidon is a high-tech company specializing in the development of AI-based image and video processing software. Our products include video quality enhancement, stereo camera solutions as well as multiframe and computational imaging. Our algorithms are embedded in more than 1.4 billion mobile phones. Our products play an important role to further improve camera capabilities, especially in low-light, higher dynamics and zooming conditions. We are known in the market by achieving high quality & accuracy with limited computing power, memory capacity and power consumption.


Voice is the most natural way of human-to-machine interaction, providing an easy and effortless way of communication. However, integrating a robust Voice UI requires the right technologies and expertise. CREOIR has a solution for embedded speech recognition and voice feedback that is suitable for various segments such as home appliances, consumer products, industrial applications, HMI panels, digital kiosks, robots, mobile applications, and more.

Alif Semiconductor 

 Alif Semiconductor was founded in 2019 with the vision to address the rapidly growing market need for broad, scalable, and connected AI-enabled embedded computing solutions that are genuinely power efficient. This need led to Alif Semiconductor’s creation of a new class of embedded controllers, or fusion processors, that enable seamless integration of technology for everyday life by unlocking innovative low-power techniques, unparalleled functional integration, accelerated AI and ML edge processing, high security, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, and operating system diversity


Our specialty is wireless testing (OTA) and RF exposure evaluations (SAR) for wireless devices. With our talented team, equipment and reliable test methods, our service offering is extensive and ranges from CE, FCC and ISED certifications to pre-compliance test services. We have 5 RF OTA test chambers and 4 SAR test systems in our premises in Oulu.

Verkotan is a strong contributor in the development of wireless testing methods and systems. Through several projects, we have developed new test methods, such as a accredited measurement system for 5G active antennas and passive antenna pattern testing for antennas upto 3m in size and max 150 kg in weight.


PrintoCent welcomes all industries to explore what Printed Intelligence can offer! We have partners, facilities and experience to develop sustainable solutions, find new design opportunities and to build new value chains to realize these. The PrintoCent pilot manufacturing lines and laboratories are the heart of the operations.

The pilot factory enables technology development and testing from prototyping to proof-of manufacturing and pilot scale production for early market trials. Events for innovation and training are a way to dive in and to start exploring the opportunities of Printed Intelligence.