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Event, Sep. 29: Developing data business with human sciences?

Welcome to the ICT company brunch event, held in Oulu University LeaF premises, to explore the equipment and methodical know-how possibilities suitable for use in research and business life.

We are guided to the theme by the top experts from the data business field:
  • Industry Professor Mika Ruokonen, a digital business professional with extensive experience in data and artificial intelligence, digital media, e-commerce, digital marketing, and software solutions
  • Medical Technology Professor Tapio Seppänen, a pioneer in the development of data analysis, algorithms, and applications related to human measurement.
Please join, if you are interested in finding out
  • What kind of data about human behaviors and interactions can be collected?
  • What do you need to know when developing data-based products and services?
  • How to develop new data-based products and services together with human science researcher networks?

The event will be held in Finnish, and it is free of charge for the participants.
We offer brunch on-site for participating companies.
Please register by Friday, September 23rd.

Event details

Time: Thu 29.09.2022 at 08:45 – 12:00
Place: LeaF research infrastructure, University of Oulu / Zoom remote connection

More information: Ihmistieteiden datasta liiketoimintaa? | Oulun yliopisto