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Getting to know Nordcloud and their open vacancies

Nordcloud office and recruitment banners

“The Nordcloud community is very supportive – we learn a lot from each other.

We recently had the chance to speak to Antti Honkanen, App Development Unit Lead at Nordcloud, about their company, what projects they are working on at this moment, and their current recruitment needs.

The company helps customers in the public cloud to achieve success in digital transformation, simplifying and automating IT operations in the process. They are leading experts in Europe on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services. Recently, there has been a concerted effort to work on projects with clients who are based in the public sector.

For Antti, no day is ever quite the same, as his various tasks range from customer meetings and client work to meetings within Nordcloud regarding recruitment and headcount planning. He has also been helping in drawing up proposals for a public sector actor to create new software (and processes) for finding and extracting certain reports for internal use.

As for the whole team, they are currently modernising a client’s existing extranet to better serve today’s needs.

Of course, regardless of whether they are providing solutions for the public or private sector, Nordcloud’s development process and core aim remains the same: working as a team to get the best possible outcome for customers. 

Antti Honkanen
Antti Honkanen

Nordcloud’s growing presence in Oulu

There are currently five employees based in Oulu, and the plan is to grow this number. Their immediate goal for the near-future is to triple the amount of personnel. Whilst there’s a lot of work to be done, the team enjoys spending time and having fun together, as well as learning about new technologies. Not only is there a productive sharing of information, but everyone supports one another.

Nordcloud values diversity and the unique qualities that each employee can bring to the table. After all, their vision of coming up with new and exciting ideas is much trickier if they hire the same type of person for each role. The common attributes that run through the whole company are hard work, collaboration with a team focus, being able to think outside the box, and always being interested in learning new things.

Some of Nordcloud’s current open positions

  • Cloud Security Architect
    Making sure that cloud infrastructure is secure, with proper controls in place, is a key component of this position within Professional Services.
  • (Internal) Cloud Developer
    This role will involve designing and developing applications and integrations that help Nordcloud do more with less.
  • Software Developer
    As a software developer, successful applicants will work in teams to build applications at the core of their client’s businesses.

At this moment in time, Finnish-speaking developers are highly sought after for some of their projects. However, there are several open positions with many opportunities available to potential applicants. Full details can be found on their website’s careers section.

Employees can expect to work with big, well-known enterprises from a bunch of different sectors including banking/finance, energy, media, telecommunications, and aerospace to name a few.

There is room set aside for self-development, including study time on courses for cloud certifications. Employees are always encouraged to chat with their line managers about their ambitions based on their interests – this can be going to conferences, using the Nordcloud Academy and other training resources, or even just a discussion about their own career path – and incorporate them into goals within their role.

If you are looking to join a team that is doing cutting-edge cloud work for a variety of well-known enterprises, Nordcloud could be the company for you!