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GlobalTech- Report 

GlobalTech- An Afternoon Seminar for International Business Development  

On 21st March 2024, we had a delightful afternoon seminar full of global business growth insights. Attended by industry professionals and entrepreneurs, the seminar aimed to provide valuable perspectives and strategies for navigating the complexities of international business development.  

The afternoon was expertly hosted by Max Raymond, Specialist (ICT) at BusinessOulu, and we had five speakers with different backgrounds and cases from their company perspectives.  

Here is what the seminar provided to participants overall:  

  • Diverse insights: The seminar featured a diverse range of speakers from various sectors of the industry, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. From market analysis to strategic planning, attendees were treated to a comprehensive overview of global business growth strategies. 
  • Practical Case Studies: Attendees had the opportunity to delve into practical case studies showcasing successful international business ventures. These real-world examples provided valuable lessons and actionable takeaways for implementing effective growth strategies in their own organizations. 
  • Interactivity: The seminar fostered an interactive environment, allowing participants to engage with speakers and fellow attendees. Q&A sessions provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions and the exchange of ideas, further enhancing the learning experience. 
  • Networking Opportunities: The seminar provided ample networking opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate. 

In this report, we will delve into the main speakers’ presentations in detail.  

Unlocking International Markets: Insights from Sari Turtiainen on Finding Local Support 

After a short networking and coffee session, and after the opening of the seminar, we started with the first presentation of the day from Sari Turtianinen, Business Specialist at ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia. Turtianen shared invaluable guidance on accessing support for SMEs seeking to expand into international markets. She emphasized the abundance of resources available, including grants and practical advice from experienced experts. Through her presentation, attendees learned about the diverse services provided by ELY-Keskus Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and other organizations, aimed at facilitating successful international business ventures. Sari’s expertise illuminated the path for attendees, empowering them to navigate the complexities of global expansion with confidence. 

Moreover, it was highlighted through the presentation that the applications are open at the moment if you’re interested in budget funding. More information can be found here (mainly in Finnish).

A case study from Oulu-based enterprise: Building Connections Across the Atlantic 

With the second presentation of the seminar, attendees were treated to valuable knowledge from Sandun Dasanayake, Co-Founder and CEO of Q4US, as he discussed the intricacies of global expansion. In his presentation,  Dasanayake delved into Q4US’s journey of collaboration with partners in the US construction industry, offering a compelling case study. 

Throughout the presentation,  Dasanayake candidly addressed the challenges encountered during the globalization process and elaborated on the strategic responses deployed by Q4US to overcome them, ultimately achieving success in establishing a presence in the US market. His discussion provided attendees with actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of international business. 

Dasanayake emphasized the importance of cultural understanding in global endeavors, drawing attention to the differences in working culture between Finland and the USA in the end of his presentation.

Art and Sustainability: The Value in Sustainability 

The third presentation brought a fresh perspective on the intersection of art and sustainability, shedding light on the increasing importance of environmental responsibility in today’s investment landscape. Tanja Råman from TaikaBox, an organisation that creates unique cultural experiences using technology, delivered a presentation on the transformative power of adopting greener methodologies in business operations. 

Råman emphasized the growing significance of sustainability in investment decisions and highlighted the benefits of implementing environmentally-friendly practices, sharing valuable knowledge into the challenges and opportunities inherent in transitioning towards sustainability through TaikaBox’s journey. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how businesses of all kinds can benefit from sustainability to not only reduce emissions but also drive innovation. Her presentation sparked important discussions on the role of sustainability in shaping the future of business, leaving attendees inspired to explore sustainable practices within their own organizations, and underscored the value of integrating sustainability into business strategies, contributing to both environmental protection and long-term business success. 

Following the third presentation, attendees enjoyed a 20-minute coffee and pulla break, providing a great networking opportunity for all participants. 

Exploring Global Markets: Cooliblade’s Journey into Germany (A case study) 

After the networking break, attendees were treated with the next presentation led by Aki Määttä, Head of Marketing and Business Development at CooliBlade, an Oulu-based enterprise. Määttä provided a firsthand account of CooliBlade’s successful market expansion, offering concrete guidance into the internationalization models and sales and marketing strategies that helped their growth. Additionally, he outlined the marketing process, from planning the market’s target audience to establishing key messages. Moreover, Määttä highlighted that the follow-up work when after the campaign is very important in terms of analysing what is done for the future improvements and following up on any new leads.  

He emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing geographical, cultural, and language barriers, briefly stating, “You shouldn’t underestimate the geographical and cultural distance and language barriers when going global.” 

Through his presentation, attendees gained practical knowledge and strategies for navigating global markets, drawing inspiration from CooliBlade’s journey of overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Maximizing Impact Through B2B Trade Fairs 

The final presentation of the seminar was delivered by Ronja Brown, Project & Business Development Manager at Wulff Entre. Her presentation, titled “B2B Trade Fairs: SMEs Using Events as a Part of Their Globalization Strategy,” provided valuable information into the significance of attending trade fairs, the process of selecting the right event, and associated costs. In her presentation, Brown emphasized the critical role of attending a trade fair for businesses, highlighting its multifaceted benefits including the opportunity to actively engage with current clients, foster connections with warm leads, discover new partnership prospects, showcase products or services through live demonstrations, and ultimately, cultivate a stream of new leads.                

Throughout her presentation, Brown shared more practical strategies and proven tactics for advantaging B2B events to maximize their impact on SMEs’ globalization efforts. She concluded her presentation with a compelling case study that not only outlines essential steps to maximize success at a trade fair before, during, and after the event but also underscores the critical significance of post-event strategies, often overlooked by many companies. 

It was a privilege to host an afternoon filled with insightful presentations at the GlobalTech seminar, featuring speakers from diverse sectors. Their valuable insights and expertise showcased invaluable contributions to the advancement of going global for SMEs.  

We would like to give a big thank you to all the speakers for their esteemed presentations, and all attendees for attending the GlobalTech Seminar.  

This event is part of the BOIM-JoinGlobal project. For more details please contact

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