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Lots of open positions for inter­national talents in Oulu ICT sector!

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Very nice to meet you here on ICTOulu-portal. Are you planning for your next career move? Look no further, because Oulu is the leading tech hub of the Nordics, and it accommodates a wide variety of companies which have hundreds of open positions for international talents right now!

Whether you are a software developer with ML background, or a cloud service pro looking for a next step on your career, or if you are a system on chip specialist or RF expert, (and the list goes on…), we’ve got some excellent internationally linked job alternatives for you. Our large ICT sector ensures that you’ll have room for career moves also in the future, and you can choose from positions in small and innovative startups or more established tech giants who have significant sites in Oulu.

We appreciate the fact that life is more than just work and one’s career. Rest assured, in Finland life quality is high and work-life balance handled well. Oulu offers excellent services for your family, and should you come with your spouse, we are happy to help them smoothly enter the local work life as well. Oulu has countless amounts of leisure possibilities and good transportation connections nationally and internationally. Oulu is growing and attracting more people and businesses even as we speak. It is also safe to invest in Oulu personally, your investment will develop positively.

To identify the most attractive possibilities, please browse this portal. Especially take a look at the topics: select the technological domain you are interested in and look for the topical news and companies. There are short descriptions of companies available, and you can also find the contact details of the representative person of the company in question. We here at BusinessOulu are more than happy to assist you finding your perfect future employer match. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jussi, Reeta or Katariina.

Have a great summertime and hopefully we’ll talk soon!

ICTOulu team