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Meet ICTOulu member: FLEETBook

Fleet of lorries

Fleet management is a very complex task that consists of lots of different moving components. It also can make for a hefty part of a company’s turnover, with costs ranging from 10-20%. A constant challenge is ensuring that the tools available to make operations reliable, cost-efficient and effective.

This is where FLEETBook, who have just become a new member company of ICTOulu, can come in. Formed at the beginning of 2022, they offer a SaaS service, which combines the monitoring and analysis of production equipment costs and technology. The system is set up to work in the interests of whichever business is using it, taking into consideration the specifics of their own fleet.

The software is initially designed in collaboration with customers so that their needs and demands are reflected in the final product. It can store all the necessary information about a firm’s fleet, relevant supporting documents, images and more. It is also a tool that can be used to analyse operations and profitability.

The data that is provided is made easy-to-read, which makes it easy for the user to monitor costs in real-time and act quickly if discrepancies are spotted. This is great for customers as they can prevent expenditure from spiralling before it happens.

Fleetbook logo

“In the past, fleet management was mainly based on several different tables, which were challenging and time-consuming to work efficiently,” explains Lauri Leinonen, Maintenance Manager at Peura-Trans. They have been users of FLEETBook’s tools for a long period of time.

“FLEETBook now provides a great platform to log data in a single web-based application that is available at any time. The system also provides a device-specific service history and reminds of guarantees, which is important when fleets operate around Finland and Europe.”

We are very happy to welcome FLEETBook as a member company of ICTOulu! For more information on their products, go and visit their website.