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Meet ICTOulu member: Visidon

Computer vision, machine vision with developed AI integrated into it, open up a whole new world of use cases and business opportunities. Oulu is a leading location in Finland to host growing companies on this field – Visidon being definitely one of the most prestigious ones, with exciting products utilizing this technology.

We had a meeting with Vaida Jasulaityte, Visidon’s Business Development Director with a mission to grow company’s business in video enhancement across different market segments. Read further, get interested and consult for more!

What is Visidon’s core business at the moment?

Visidon core business is licensing image and video processing software. Among our software products are automatic image and video quality enhancement, computational imaging and face analysis.

Who are your clients?

We are very strong in the smartphone market segment. Currently our software is embedded in over 1 billion smartphones. Additionally, we are targeting consumer electronics, drone, surveillance camera and automotive markets.

Vaida Jasulaityte

I reckon there is lots of competition on that field. How is Visidon different? What is your edge?

Our company has been founded in 2006, so compared to many other players in the market we have long research and business experience in the area. We stand out in the market by having a wide selection of software products combining both traditional image processing technologies and artificial intelligence. Our edge is fast and power-efficient software algorithms delivering high quality and accuracy for wide range of hardware platforms and industries.

What are your key market locations at the moment? 

Visidon headquarters and R&D are located in Oulu, Finland and we have sales and customer support representations in China and South Korea.

What about collaboration with other businesses? Are you actively looking for something at the moment?

As in any business, partnerships with the other members of the ecosystem are important. We are looking for partners to build joint offerings and approach the market together. 

What about the future, should we expect something significant moves in the near future?

We see developments around the camera usage and video segment in many different markets as they have been in smartphone market few years back. We believe that the image and video enhancement market is going to grow significantly. Within that, our research and innovations focus on computer vision and artificial intelligence

Are there any open positions in the company?

We are constantly looking for talented developers. We hope future employees to know the basics of image and video processing and be willing to learn more. As employer, we believe in continuous learning and we build organization by trying to accommodate employees’ personal interest.