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MWC2024 learnings – part 3: Our companies in the spotlight!

This marks the final part of the Mobile World Congress learnings series, and we’ve decided to focus this article on our esteemed companies!

First some background related to our resources. As a part of BusinessOulu, the ICTOulu team has consistently supported the exhibiting activities of various Oulu-based high tech companies. This is a practice we engage in regularly, and for good reason. Considering the resources available to small and medium-sized developer companies, it’s evident that funds for operational and marketing activities are always limited. This stems from a desire to facilitate company growth at maximum or near-maximum pace, yet the future, even in the short term, remains somewhat uncertain. Consequently, investing a significant sum in booth facilities, unsure of whether it will materialize new leads or customers, presents a risk that many understandably find risky, especially given the current economic climate.

Nevertheless, there’s immense value in venturing forth to attract new audiences and cultivate prospects and leads for future revenue generation. This is where our team and our project, “Business Opportunities for the International Market,” led by project manager Mrs. Sanna Savolainen, come into play. Essentially, the project works to mitigate the perceived risk for BusinessOulu, and we’ve witnessed numerous success stories in developing the businesses of our companies as a result.

Convergentia’s Tatu Karvinen introduces the company to Minister Lulu Ranne

At MWC, we were part of Business Finland’s booth, which was beautifully designed with a focus on the happiness theme (yes, we all remember Finland as the happiest country in the world, don’t we?). With a significant portion of the Finland pavilion dedicated to Oulu-based companies, we traveled to Barcelona with our standout companies. This time, we had a total of six participating companies within our program. I believe they are intriguing, promising, and significant players in their respective fields. I highly recommend taking a closer look at them:

  • Convergentia focuses on creating clever custom antenna solutions. Convergentia’s antenna, mechanical and industrial design teams work in close cooperation to create the best possible design for your product.
  • Lastbot offers next-generation AI chatbots for websites, featuring reliability, context-awareness, and continuous learning. LastBot operates independently, eliminating organizational bottlenecks and allowing staff to focus on core tasks. Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of sales and customer service with LastBot’s advanced capabilities.
  • RadioPark offers possibility to test products, solutions and technologies in leading edge 5G / 5G advance networks. OuluZone as a location is ideal to test various types of products, like remotely used excavators, drones as well as handheld and IoT devices that needs to get tested in 5G network.
  • Verkotan specializes in wireless test solutions for IoT, antennas, mobile phones, and base stations, covering technologies from 1st to upcoming 6th generation. With a focus on OTA, beamforming antenna, and RF exposure testing, they offer tailored solutions to ensure safe and reliable products for global wireless device manufacturers and designers. Accredited for specific absorption rate measurements, their technical expertise supports clients throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Visidon, a Finnish high-tech company established in 2006, specializes in AI-based image and video enhancement technologies for smartphone and embedded industries. With solutions implemented in over 1 billion mobile phones, Visidon offers algorithms for image and video quality enhancement, as well as computer vision tasks like facial detection, object tracking, and motion detection.
  • Aava Mobile leads the global market for POS professional tablets across diverse verticals, offering robust support for omnichannel and mobile POS applications with hundreds of thousands of tablets deployed. Leveraging expertise in radio RF, antennas, embedded software, and EMC, Aava delivers platform designs and complete products like enterprise tablets tailored for retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries.

While these companies joined us at MWC, there’s plenty more to discover, and we’ve transparently packed all the information for you on our website at


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