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We are thrilled to share the news that NATO is making its launch in Oulu, unveiling cutting-edge solutions through the utilization of a 6G-themed test center. 

Following Finland’s accession to NATO on April 4th, 2023, and nearly a year of progress, Oulu, renowned for its high-tech advancements and military innovations, has been designated as the NATO DIANA 6G testing center as of today. 

Finland’s proposal to DIANA’s Board of Directors has been submitted by the Ministry of Defense in July 2023. Following thorough consideration, the board has given its approval to Finland’s proposal for establishing an accelerator and two testing centers in Finland. 

The testing facilities will be set up at the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s Otaniemi location. While the Otaniemi center will be focusing on cyber-secure communications, quantum, and space technologies, the University of Oulu will focus on testing 6G network technologies.  

What is NATO DIANA? 

DIANA, short for the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic, demonstrates a mission aimed at building a transatlantic innovation powerhouse dedicated to incubating technologies pivotal in steering us towards a more sustainably secure world.  

By scouring the NATO Alliance for the most promising startups and innovators, DIANA diligently supports their aims to cultivate technologies essential in safeguarding peace and security.  

This initiative is crucial in addressing multiple pressing global challenges, ranging from climate change and energy scarcity to food security. By tackling these issues head-on, DIANA undertakes to mitigate some of the primary stimulants of conflict anticipated in the decades ahead. 

Oulu’s Role in DIANA: Advancing 6G Testing 

We are pleased to share that Oulu is now playing a significant role in NATO’s DIANA initiative by spearheading a 6G-themed testing center, focusing on the connectivity of solutions and applications. The facilities will be established at the University of Oulu, with the VTT Technical Research Center. While the primary emphasis is on 6G, we welcome participation from other innovative solutions as well.  

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