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New EAKR grants available – applications open now

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The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Keskus) in North Ostrobothnia is set to issue new EAKR business development grants from the Finnish Structural Funds programme Renewable and Competent Finland 2021–2027. From today, companies from within our ICT ecosystem in Oulu can make an application to receive funding through this initiative.

What is the funding for?

This funding is targeted towards SMEs that are estimated to have good capabilities to operate profitably and competitively in the market. They should also have the appropriate prerequisites for business development and growth.

Development aid can be granted when a company is wanting to make a significant investment in renewal or seeks to grow. Some of these aims can include:

  • Improving export and internationalisation opportunities;
  • Pursuing new markets or exploring new business opportunities;
  • Developing new products, services or production methods.

What are the key considerations before grants are issued?

Funding must have a significant impact on the company’s growth, renewal, internationalisation or innovation activities. There will also be a particular emphasis of issuing support to projects that affect climate change adaptation, the promotion of carbon neutrality and energy or material efficiency.

Before submitting an application, companies should familiarise themselves with ELY Keskus North Ostrobothnia’s financing policies and the specific objectives of the EU programme.

How does my company make an application?

Before you make an application, it is highly recommend to speak to a business expert. Contact details are available on the EURA 2021 project website.

Grants can be applied for right up until Friday 29th September 2023 and must be done through the EURA 2021 website before the start of the project. Decisions on applications submited under a fixed-term EAKR call will only be taken after the end of September. Under certain conditions, large enterprises may also be supported by this initiative.

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