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New quantum computing campaign from Business Finland

Quantum computer image

Business Finland has announced the Quantum Computing campaign. The new project will assist the acceleration and internationalisation of the Finnish quantum sector. This will be achieved through funding the development and deployment of software stack, supporting experiments and demonstrations by companies, and attract investments and talent into the national ecosystem. 

Within this particular ecosystem, there is an opportunity to lead the R&D work into quantum computation and guide it towards a new era. The fact that CSC – IT Centre for Science is operating one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, LUMI (which is connected to HELMI at VTT) makes the national infrastructure attractive to overseas stakeholders. With decades of experience in research, and growing investments to build hardware, Finland is well-placed to be a pioneer in this field. 

Business Finland aims to fund numerous projects through their campaign that meet the following objectives:

  • Research first quantum computing use cases.
  • Develop hybrid computing and algorithms for early-stage quantum computers.
  • Build quantum software.

What companies should take part?

We believe this campaign can benefit many businesses within Oulu’s ICT cluster. This is ideal for startups, SMEs and large companies that are interested in solving problems in this growing area of technology. Additionally, this will be of relevance to any firms that are working to develop software, applications, algorithms and services relating to quantum computing.

Research organisations that work closely with quantum software, algorithms and hybrid computing will also benefit from this program. 

Services offered for businesses:
funding: grants for Proof of Concepts (PoC) projects, loans for SMEs to productization after PoC projects; participating in and steering research projects; facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions; support and funding for international collaboration; participating Finnish Quantum Computing offering; taking part in major exhibitions under Finnish QC brand; influencing EU roadmaps and calls; invest in and relocating services.
Services offered for research organisations:
funding & matchmaking with companies (Research linked to Finnish economic life); funding for Co-Innovation projects.

For more information on how to get involved with the campaign, visit the Business Finland website.