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OP Financial Group invests in additional Oulu ICT jobs

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OP Financial Group have announced that they plan to hire 300 new ICT professionals in Oulu and Helsinki.

Constructing and implementing a robust strategy in preventing potential criminal activity (which, in turn, enables customer trust) is an important part of OP Financial Group’s operations. This is why they are one of the largest employers of ICT professionals in Finland, with just over 1,000 workers in their development and technology organisation.

“The role of, for example, renewable technology and artificial intelligence in the rapidly changing operating environment of the financial sector is huge,” said Timo Ritakallio, Director General, OP Financial Group. “OP Financial Group wants to be a responsible trendsetter in the industry, which is why we are investing in ICT expertise. Recruitment and the development of ICT skills guarantee that we can continue to offer our customers the best possible services and take care of our competitiveness in accordance with our strategy.”

Additionally, OP Financial Group intends to become a founding partner of the Sisu-koodikoulu (Sisu Coding School), which aims to strengthen domestic ICT expertise and attract more international workers to Finland. The working environment for employees is one in which they are encouraged to continue developing their knowledge and skills. At the end of 2022, the workforce comprised of employees of 38 different nationalities.

“It is important that people entering the sector have meaniningful career paths in front of them in terms of their own skills and development,” said Kasimir Hirn, Director of Technology and Development, OP Financial Group. “We offer our staff opportunities to train according to their needs and working time to develop their own skills. Additionally, internal mobility enables the spread of expertise to different parts of the organisation.”