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Probot officially open new assembly hall in Kempele

Probot officially opening a new factory space in Kempele, May 2023

Earlier this month, ICTOulu was invited to attend the official opening of Probot‘s new assembly hall in Kempele. We were delighted to be able to celebrate the new facility with them and find out more about what they were currently up to!

Probot is a company where many complex and dynamic robotic solutions are made by an expert team of specialists and engineers. At the beginning of 2023, work on a brand new 400 m2 assembly hall had been completed in the Zatelliitti business area of Kempele, which is just a few kilometres away from Oulu city centre.

The company opened its doors to everyone, and the tone of the day was appropriately celebratory with a good amount of coffee and cake enjoyed by guests. The day was also a unique opportunity for attendees who are interested in robotics to get a glimpse at some of the exciting and pioneering projects that have been worked on to date.

“The event was considered interesting and suitably relaxed,” said Matti Tikanmäki, CEO of Probot. “There were enough visitors for the whole day, and the total number of visitors was well over 100. The experience was also rewarding for the team. It was great to see a wide range of projects that we have worked on in a tangible way for the first time and how much we have actually achieved.” 

“We presented and demonstrated our own robotics solutions at the event,” said Roosa Hyvärinen, Account Manager. “During the day, visitors were able to learn about virtual reality, collaborative robots, and a wide range of mobile robots, from robot dogs to giant field robot. In addition to our own experts, our partners Omron, Cajo Technologies, Sick, the University of Oulu, and Centria University of Applied Sciences were also present.”