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Profilence announce partnership with RemotiveLabs

Car dashboard image

Profilence, a leader in advanced quality assurance solutions and one of ICTOulu’s member companies, has announced a new partnership with RemotiveLabs, a modern software startup from Malmö, Sweden.

This collaborative approach will combine the strengths of both enterprises to create innovative solutions for the automotive sector. More specifically, they plan to efficiently recreate real-world user interactions and integrate the vehicle signals in infotainment QA processes, which should enable continuous stability and performance analysis.

Tero Aaltonen, Chief Business Development Officer of Profilence says: “We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in infotainment testing. Bringing in RemotiveLabs capabilities into our solution will become the new benchmark for quality analysis in automotive infotainment.”

Aleksandar Filipov, CTO of RemotiveLabs adds: “Our partnership with Profilence is a game-changer for testing with data from real vehicles. We make it easy to record, share and use real drive-cycles which are fed into Profilence’s QA Suite, enabling fully automated end-to-end testing at scale”.

The initial results of their work together were first demoed at the COVESA All Members Meeting in Gothenburg earlier this month, with their Android Automotive OS based SPARQ OS platform being adopted by P3. Maritus Mailat, CTO & Managing Director of PE digital services says: “With this integration, we’re showing how OEMs can be sure their IVI is built on superior-quality technology, and bring their products to market faster, with confidence.”

To learn more about Profilence and RemotiveLabs’ partnership, visit the Profilence website.