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RadioPark – A Wireless Technology Hub Based in Oulu

In an increasingly connected world, radios are essential in numerous contexts, requiring extensive knowledge and testing capabilities. Enter RadioPark: a cluster of top-tier companies and research teams in radio connectivity. With vast expertise and advanced equipment, RadioPark offers a seamless setup for development, integration, testing, and solution verification needs. For Everything Connected: RadioPark leads the way.

RadioPark is supporting the OuluZone utilization for 5G wireless testing by ensuring that capabilities that are needed are in place for the testing sessions and if local technical support is needed RadioPark team is there to help you.

Introducing the video showcasing the groundbreaking work of RadioPark!

You can discover the world of connectivity and innovation by watching the video below now! Discover how RadioPark, with its collaborative spirit and cutting-edge wireless testing and support, leads the way as we explore the innovative solutions offered in the OuluZone testing area.

RadioPark is getting ready for your wireless technology related development needs, making sure that solutions are tested in labs and field and sharing the latest technology knowledge.  

Would you like to explore more about RadioPark and Ouluzone? See the video below!

Contact us for more information:

Heikki Huhmo, Project Manager
+358 50 360 5940

Aimo Vainio, Coordinator

Jussi Leponiemi, Key Account Director, ICT
+358 44 238 7860