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Recruitment support functionality now in ICTOulu!

We are pleased to announce that the recruitment support functionality of ICTOulu portal is now available. It allows the member companies to add a recruitment notification marker on their profile cards on the browsing views and a recruitment banner on their profile pages.

Recruitment banner seen on the left. The card view with a marker on the right.

This great and wanted addition will help us promote the open positions of our member companies, improving their recruitment processes. We will use this functionality actively here at BusinessOulu to attract potential candidates locally, nationally, and even internationally. It will also be utilized by the employment services of the City of Oulu and other similar actors.

We are confident this recruitment feature will be of great help to our member companies. Our portal was launched as recently as June, but already it’s performing very well in comparison of other sites of the City of Oulu. People are browsing and following the site – let’s make the most out of it! Thus we encourage everyone to use the functionality actively. The more active we are, the more potential candidates and other relevant stakeholders get interested in these notifications and will visit your recruitment sites.

We are, as always, happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Best regards,
The ICTOulu team