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Studification for the benefit of companies, employees and the region

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We interviewed Ella Seppänen, BusinessOulu’s coordinator of educational services and asked her a few questions about studification and why it should be utilized in companies.

Ella Seppänen, what is studifation?

Studification is acknowlidging and recognizing the know-how that has been gathered from doing practical work. The goal is to make other than school-based know how visible, make job seeking easier and shorten the time spent in formal education. Studification is done nationally with different models, in BusinessOulu it has been attached to worklife services.

What benefits studification offers for employer and emloyee?

  • For the employer the biggest benefit in studification is finding a motivated worker. One mission of studification is to be a tool for recruitment and for engaging the workers to their workplace.
  • When utilizing studification, the employer gets BusinessOulu’s worklife services guiding coach’s know-how to their aid. The coaches search motivated people for to the field of the employer and guide them towards right working opportunities.
  • During the studification, the coach of the job seeker and a mentor of studification will support the actualization of the service. They also survey the possibilities of contenuing the path of learning and working, and help in all of the questions rising from it.
  • Trough the big picture of studification’s learning environment the employer gets precise description of the worktasks. The description can be used for example in familiarization or in worktask distribution planning.
  • The employee will get an opportunity to increase their know-how in the company and can possibly get their qualification during service, for example executing their studies as displaying-exams. In addition a certificate will be given to emloyee for their qualified know-how, which will be exact description of the know-how shown during the studification. The certificate can be utilized in job seeking or in aiming for studies.

How the studification will help the companies in fullfilling their societal responsibility?

  • The goal of the studification is to support the unemployed job seekers to get into worklife fast, put their know-how into words/in display and to shorten the time spent in formal education. This raises the employment rate of the area and strenghtens the market-situation.
  • With employing the people in weaker-job market-position, the employer is supporting the possibilities of this person to increase their certified know-how and them to get employed in the future too.
  • In addition, the entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop the local model of studification and so on have an affect on how the national model will be formed.

How the company will invest in studification?

  • During studification the employer will be placed in the company for job-tryout or in salary-supported work. During these services the mission of the company will be guiding and familiarizing the employee. In addition, the company will participate on developing the description of the learning environment and acknowlidging the know-how of the employee, but other tasks won’t be demanded from the company. There won’t be any extra cost caused by the studification!