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Teknoware’s train projects operating at full steam

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Teknoware has received new deals this year totalling more than 60 million euros for various train projects. These agreements are related to the production of lighting and decoration panels for trains, trams and subways. Most of these orders are delivered from their own factory. There may be even greater news at the end of the year, when decisions are expected on significant offers.

Investing in public transport and urbanisation are positively reflected within the company, which has also established a product development unit in Oulu. People are constantly searching for more sustainable ways to travel, with commuting by rail in particular considered to be one of the cleanest options both within and between cities. For instance, there are plans being made in France to replace flights between destinations with high-speed trains. The closest example in Finland can be found in Tampere, where movement within the city has been enhanced with a tramway. In the future, the number of projects within this area of automotive are expected to be similar to the current volume, which means Teknoware will also have work for years.

Teknoware are recruiting in Oulu
Teknoware is looking for Program Designers and Power Supply Designers to join their team in Oulu. If you would like to work on exciting projects for customers across the globe, apply via the Teknoware website now.

Train projects are usually a lengthy process, and the journey from the first customer survey to the offer, the sale and the delivery of the last product batch often takes up to 10-15 years. Of those that were won by the company in 2022, perennials made up the majority. At this time, there are Teknoware projects operating around the world in Europe, the American continent, Asia and Australia.

Smart lighting for smoother travel

The development of rail transport is progressing at an ever-increasing speed – not only on the tracks, but also inside the carriages. Teknoware is the market leader in rail traffic lighting solutions and a well-known technician in the field for their innovations. The lighting of a modern train is required to adapt to each situation, so that the travel experience is always as high-class as possible. In addition to creating a positive atmosphere for commuters, this can also help prevent passenger congestion and make the journey safer, smoother and more comfortable. In order to implement smart lightning, you need experts in both programming and electronic and mechanical design. Often every project is different and almost all products are created specifically for each train. 70% of Teknoware’s workforce, which is over 100-strong, is made up of engineers.