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The University of Oulu is an official partner of DIANA!

The 6G Test Center of the University of Oulu has now become an official partner of the Defence Innovator Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). 

As we all know, the University of Oulu is known for its tech-savvy innovations and contributions to the world. The 6G Test Center at the University of Oulu is a revolutionary facility that accommodates advanced wireless communications and cutting-edge technology.  

DIANA is an organisation founded by NATO to find advanced technological solutions to strengthen collective resilience against unprecedented challenges in ensuring the peace and security of the world. 

The 6G Test Center will support the DIANA initiative to achieve its vision by providing cutting-edge 5G/6G testing environments to research and validate dual-use technology developments.  

The University of Oulu takes pride in being a prominent DIANA test centre in Finland and is ready to collaborate with the industry and defence partners who need resources to accelerate dual-use wireless innovations from concept to market deployment.   

Are you looking for a place to test your dual-use tech solutions for the DIANA initiative? Join the University of Oulu today to create an ecosystem of deep technologies to solve defence and security problems in challenging environments! 

Are you interested in getting to know more about the DIANA programme? We invite you to hear about the new challenge competition that is opening up, and participating in it will open up the opportunity for your company to enter the program. Find out more about the event: Nato DIANA -haastekilpailu info 

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