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Valossa introduces their newest product: Valossa Transcribe Pro™

Valossa is a leading company in the tech industry providing solutions to seamless video recognition and designing content intelligence technology to comprehend videos in full perspectives using AI.

They have designed products such as Valossa Moods™, Valossa Moderator™, Valossa Auto Preview™ and Valossa Ad Scout™.

The newest product they launched recently is Valossa Transcribe Pro™; a professional productivity tool designed to automate audio and video production workflows with advanced scene description and speech capabilities.

Here are the top features of Valossa Transcribe Pro™:

  • Transcribe speech and identify speakers with market-leading AI.
  • Create captions automatically.
  • Translate transcriptions and subtitles into multiple languages.
  • Produce visual descriptions and texts from visual scenes.
  • Obtain AI-generated summary and topics of your content.
  • Export the produced texts time coded to general tools.
  • Perform all work steps at once.

Valossa’s tools have significantly improved productivity for professional media production and broadcasting customers.

Three product versions of their newly launched Transcribe product are available and you may choose the most suitable version based on your needs.

  • Valossa Transcribe Pro™: Extracts speech transcripts, speakers, keywords, topics, log lines, captions, and translations.
  • Valossa Transcribe Pro Vision™: Adds advanced audio-visual descriptive AI logging, recognizing people and visual scenes.
  • Valossa Transcribe Pro Vision Max™: Includes full AI features and scene-level metadata, emotion analysis, video text, audio and visual tags, dominant colors, and more.

Valossa invites interested users to request a demo and free trial of Valossa Transcribe Pro™! Go to their website to find out more!