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We turn a smartphone into a Virtual Clinic

iSTOC is a global player in mobile point of care (POC) diagnostics by transforming stagnant and disconnected data into relevant and actionable information. By integrating mobile technologies with smart services iSTOC has deployed and is deploying POC telemedicine services to both consumers and professional users. iSTOC Patented solution also complies with FDA and European regulations, and is also HIPAA and GDPRS compliant thus guarantying product safety and data security of personally identifiable information.

In telemedicine POC diagnostics, rapid tests, systems, and accessories are needed to deliver immediate results, while improving patient care it requires real-time communication and information systems to ensure patient safety and quality assurance via smoothly integration of communication and data systems.

- IDA (Immediate Diagnostics and Analytics) Platform and Infrastructure (connectivity, cloud, security and infrastructure management) for data analytics, service user administration and data management to enable AI based services, analyses and reporting.

- Rapid Reader service: Hybrid AI / ML based screening application for all 3rd party RDT’s digitalization, no physical paperwork, real time accurate quantitative and qualitative thin line reading, result storing, evidence base history data and reporting.

- Patient online diagnostic service: Patient registration, -management, symptoms and results recording workflow streamlining by online patient consultation and API’s for easy integration to EMR systems or by blockchain technology.

- Vaccination management service: Vaccination registration #of vaccinations, passport, certifications and reporting, service would receive a certificate not only for coronary vaccination but also for all other vaccinations and, for example, laboratory and other tests.

- Automatic inventory management service: Real time in location track and trace information about used and non used RDT’s on the field. Real time reporting for manufacturing process to streamline production.


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