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Tosibox Oy

Ensuring your dataflow within your operational technology networks

TOSIBOX's unique, patented technology ensures your dataflow within your operational technology networks with 100% security. Easy-to-use TOSIBOX Plug and Go™ automation enables the fastest time on the market. Having developed and patented the world’s first remote access appliance with Plug & Go™ technology, Tosibox sold its first device out of its Oulu Finland headquarters in 2012, quickly expanding abroad followed by the establishment of three subsidiaries in Germany, Scandinavia, and USA. Tosibox is ISO 27001 certified which proves that security is our cornerstone when building OT networks.

Whether the use case is remote access, access control, cybersecurity, data collection or OT network management – TOSIBOX Platform offers a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution what fits for all industries and organizations, regardless the size or vertical. Tosibox is growing globally targeting especially European and USA markets.


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    Tosibox Oy
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    Johannes Niemi
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