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iSTOC to collaborate with AegirBio on new project

The Swedish diagnostics company AegirBio has signed a development and license agreement with Oulu-based Point of Care (POC) solutions company iSTOC. The agreement includes development of a data management platform for the newly CE-marked Magnia® Reader-based natalizumab Point of Care (POC) test for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) test.

This project will deliver a web-based component for information collection, as well as a mobile app for uploading data from the Magnia Reader. This platform will include an interface for electronic medical records and be a foundation for easy integration of analyzes in different situations; in clinic, POC, and at home. This is both in connection with upcoming trial activities and daily patient care.

“In modern Point of Care and Point of Need testing, data management and presentation are as important as test accuracy,” says Bradley Messmer, CEO of AegirBio.

“We went through many potential solutions but ultimately chose the iSTOC platform due to its flexibility, data security and its compliance with the regulations. 

“With real clinical studies about to begin, we felt it was critical to get this component of our total solution in place. This product combined with our growing portfolio of assays will open the door to future collaborations, and we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with the iSTOC team”.

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“We look forward to developing this platform together with AegirBio,” added Jarmo Järvenpää, CEO of iSTOC. “We are excited to start collaborating with AegirBio and combine our strengths in this dashboard and mobile app, as well as in future ventures that we are also discussing.”

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